“Since 2016 we support local brewers. Their best beers are simply too good to only stay local!”

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Your recipe translated to a larger volume, in the same traditional way

Tailor-made beer

Your own beer brand, beer company or micro-brewery? At BeerSelect we are happy to help you brew your beer. This can be done from 2000 or 4000 litres in our brand new installations.

As a contract brewery with a distribution network, BeerSelect is the ideal partner for growing beer companies and micro-breweries. Our professional brewers will be happy to help you refine your recipe and brew your own beer.

Je eigen bier laten brouwen begint bij de tank
Je eigen bier laten brouwen van recept tot botteling
Have your own beer brewed in the largest brewery in Ghent

Specialized in custom beer brewing


As a beer lover, you’ve been working on your own recipe or beer brand for a while and now you’d like to launch it? As a new contract brewery, we specialise in brewing and packaging for others. We follow your own recipe, but can, if desired, also help with recipe development or fine-tuning of already existing recipes.

“As a small brewer or beer company, you often do not have the time or resources to build your own large brewery. Brewing your beer (or having it brewed) in a contract brewery is therefore much less labour-intensive and time-consuming. As a production partner of Belgian craft beers, BeerSelect is the ideal solution!”



Because we brew volumes from 2000 litres, we can brew your specialty beer at very competitive prices. This according to the guarantee that we deliver your beer, according to our own recipe. In addition, we work together with the University of Ghent for quality controls and laboratory tests.

We are a transparent partner where brewers are welcome to come and taste it, watch it or just to come and say hello 🙂

Each and every one of us has the experience, passion and dedication to deliver top quality.

Our brewing team

Jasper Candaele

Brewmaster - Biochemist - Brewering Engineer

Mathias Vanoverschelde


Johan Dedeyn

Brewing Consultant

Peter Croonenberghs

Brewing Engineer - Consultant

Jasper Candaele

Brewmaster - Biochemist - Brewering Engineer

Mathias Vanoverschelde


Johan Dedeyn

Brewing consultant

Peter Croonenberghs

Brewing Engineer - Consultant

Sell your own beer?

A phenomenal recipe or idea for your own beer? Would you like others to enjoy your brews? BeerSelect helps you to market your beer brand.


What can you expect?

  • A transparent collaboration with a young and dynamic team
  • General advice
  • Production support (Excise duty, brewing, filling, ingredients,…)
  • Commercial support (marketing, sales, labels, POS material, etc.)


BeerSelect has two brand new breweries (2000 and 4000 litres), 17 fermentors and an Italian bottling line. We are happy to put these at your disposal!


We are happy to give general production and commercial advice to local brewers on the basis of an intake interview.


Thanks to our close cooperation with Ghent University, we are able to have brews analysed. This so that we can improve every time!


In order to meet the demand for unique and custom-made brews, the BeerSelect brewery has been equipped with new equipment.

Our brewing hall, fermentation tanks and bottling line make it possible to brew beer from 2000 litres.

In de zuiveringstank wordt je eigen bier gebrouwen


Our brewery consists of four steps, in order to brew your beer in an efficient way. So we can brew from 2000 to 12000 litres per day!


The malts of your choice are dissolved in water and heated according to your mash schedule.


The liquid part (the wort) and the solid part (the trot) are separated by means of a filter plate.


Here we cook the ‘wort’ and the hops and herbs are added.


Solid particles such as hops, herbs and protein flakes are removed.


Na het brouwen van het bier kan het bier gegist worden


After being cooled by the plate cooler, the young beer enters the fermentors.



The yeast is added, which will convert the sugars into alcohol and CO2.


Once the beer has been fermented, the yeast is released before the beer goes into lagering. Here we can ‘cool down’ to get a nice and clear beer.

Na het gisten van je eigen bier kan het bier gebotteld worden


Once the beer is lagered, it’s time to fill it up.

In bottle or barrel

DThe bottled sugar and yeast are added to the bottling tank and our CIMEC bottling line fills your beer at 3000 bottles per hour! The bottles are labeled with washable and self-adhesive labels, for the best result. Choice of APO, STEINI, LONGNECK or ‘BeerBelgium – 75cl’ bottles. Own choice of different crown caps, boxes, bins,…


If you want your beer in barrel, we’ll saturate it in tank.

Warm room

In our insulated warm room the refermentation in the bottle does its work at a constant temperature for about two weeks. Brewing according to tradition, for extra taste and storage.

Je eigen bier wordt gebrouwen en geproeft door professionals


Is your beer ready? Time to taste!

Team of beer sommeliers

Our team of brewers and beer sommeliers taste all the beers before they leave our brewery. These people are trained to assess your beer objectively (organoleptic tests).


Once your beer is ready, we can deliver it to your home or to your warehouse.

Frequently asked questions

What is contract brewing?

Contract brewing or rental brewing is when you (the buyer) supply a recipe to a rental brewery (the supplier). In this way, you can relinquish the physical work such as brewing and packaging the beer, so you don’t have to buy any equipment yourself.


Is there a minimum or maximum volume?

The minimum volume that our brewery can deliver is 2000 litres, in some cases this will be slightly more or less. In terms of maximum volumes, we are flexible as we can brew up to 12,000 litres per day. During the intake interview, we agree together on the volume you wish to obtain.

Do I have to supply the ingredients myself?

No, there is no need to supply ingredients yourself. BeerSelect guarantees quality and fresh ingredients, which are included in the brewing price. If you have your own ingredients or would like to use an unusual adjunct or hop type, you can specify this during the intake interview and discuss this with our brewmaster.

How long does it take to brew the beer?

This depends on the beer style and the brewing method. Together we determine a realistic contract date in your quotation and then discuss the date on which you want the beer to be ready during the intake interview. Because beer is a natural product, you can count on about six weeks.

What kinds of beers can you brew?

At the moment we can brew almost all styles of high fermentation beers. During an intake interview we would like to discuss your recipe and wishes.

Can I expect a difference in taste compared to my own brew?

The taste of a beer depends on many variables. With our new installations and brewing method we want to obtain a constant taste and quality of your beer that is as close as possible to what you want. Your recipe will be discussed with the brewers and translated into our installations.

Can I go to the brewery if they brew my beer?

Normally you supply the recipe and we brew the beer for you without your involvement. As transparency is very important to us, you can be present at the brewery day on request – please communicate this during the intake interview. Since a brewing schedule takes a long time to prepare, we cannot take into account your availabilities here.

Should I deliver the labels?

Normally, the customer delivers the editable files of the labels himself, which we then rescale to our installations, and then order. So you don’t have to worry. If desired, BeerSelect can also create a customised label.

These brewers rely on our knowledge

“Wow, right on, thanks guys!”


Volders beers

“After a week we have already sold almost half of our new Gijzelaarke double!”


Gijzelse microbrewery

“Almost the same as we make him at home, very clear!”


Oosteke Brewers


BeerSelect supports passionate brewers by brewing creative and unique beers. We brew custom made beer, according to your recipe, in the same traditional way. In this way we want to bring innovation to our Belgian beer culture!

BeerSelect is the ideal partner for growing microbreweries and beer companies.

Based on an intake interview, we give local brewers general production and commercial advice.

Tailor-made beer


Call, email or just fill in the form here.
+32 478 27 17 64

Poortakkersstraat 37D, 9051 Ghent, Belgium

Tailor-made beer


Call, email or just fill in the form here.
+32 478 27 17 64

Poortakkersstraat 37D, 9051 Ghent, Belgium