We LOVE beer
We're Beer Sommeliers
who want to share their knowledge and make people all over the world become true beer connoisseurs
Wout Meuleman
Founder & General management

When I was 15, I brewed my own beer. (I wasn't allowed to drink!)
It was an amazing experience which made me realize which opportunities lay ahead for our Belgian beer.
Miel Bonduelle
Founder & Marketing

My family originates from Poperinge, which is internationally renowned for its amazing Belgian Hops. I've been taught that when brewing, a careful selection of ingredients is one of the most important things.
Kasper Peeters
Founder & Sales

I'm a beer passionate, who always wanted to experience beers all over Belgium. For people like me, a selection of beers with a superior quality makes beer tasting convenient and educational.
Tarik De Winter
Sales Manager

As a sales & export manager, you taste beers all over the world. However, it's hard to compare foreign beers to Belgian specialty beers. That's probably why our beer culture is on the heritage list of UNESCO.
Every Belgian beer has a different story and taste. Discovering these is a big part of our craft beer culture. As Beer Sommeliers, we want to share our knowledge and make people all over the world become real beer connoisseurs.
BeerSelect brings a unique selection of beers from Belgian microbreweries. They have been carefully selected because of their superior taste. As an exclusive partner of these breweries, we guarantee quality and efficient co-operation.
BeerSelect takes you on a Belgian discovery trail. We guarantee you that you can rely on a trustworthy supplier who brings a complete tasting experience.
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