Start-up builds biggest brewery of Ghent to support small and local Belgian breweries
BeerSelect raised 900.000 euros to provide the unique Belgian beer culture with something it really needs. The Belgian start-up is building its own brewery, where small, local beer brewers can produce and experiment on a larger scale. "Beer from local craft breweries is so popular that many brewers can't keep up with the demand."
BeerSelect supports small and local Belgian breweries in terms of sales, marketing and distribution. The startup puts a selection of their craft beers on the market.
BeerSelect gives craft breweries a chance to get their beer to a new audience. All the way to Russia, the US and China if needed.

The four-man team behind the startup - average age: 23 - has just completed a funding round. BeerSelect raised 900.000 euros. Ten investors contributed, investors who are also active as mentors for the team.
Brewing and innovating beer on a bigger scale
With the raised capital, BeerSelect wants to give the hundreds of small and local breweries in Belgium extra ways to develop; explains co-founder Wout Meuleman. "The Belgian beer culture is known to be the most beautiful in the world, but there is an increasing competition from the US, and even the Netherlands are brewing great beers today. To keep our unique position, our craft brewers need better support. Not only for sales and distribution, but also in terms of production."

That is why BeerSelect will use a considerable part of the raised 900.000 euros to build it's own brewery. "We have a great location in Ghent, a historic and internationally known city. In our brewery, they can produce on a larger scale with - very important - the guarantee that the original recipe, the taste and the quality of their beer is retained."

"The new brewery must also become a hub for innovation: the large multinationals in the beer world provide technological innovation, but it are the small and local breweries that provide innovation in flavor. Today, they have to make every effort to meet the demand for their beer. That's why there is almost no room left to experiment with new flavors and variations. In our brewery, craft brewers have the equipment to try out new things. By doing this we want to ensure the future of our rich beer culture. "
About BeerSelect

BeerSelect was founded in 2016. The start-up wants to strengthen the Belgian beer culture, and to make people who love beer, people who really know beer. BeerSelect supports small, local breweries in terms of sales, marketing and distribution by putting a selection of their beers onto the market. A recent funding round of 900.000 euros makes it possible to build a brewery in Ghent, and to assist craft brewers in their production.