A passion for beer that culminated in a professional brewery

Our story started in 2016 when we, a group of kindred souls, decided that we wanted to join forces and promote craft beers. Thanks to our enthusiasm, guts and perseverance, we were able to make our dream come true,
founding a leading group brewery where you and your beers will really feel at home.

Our team

There’s more to a superb quality beer than raw materials and recipes. At BeerSelect, it is the team that makes all the difference. The joint dedication of our experienced master brewers, impassioned engineers and inspired founders contribute to the craftsmanship that you taste in your craft beer.

Wout Meuleman

Founder - CEO | Wout brewed his first beer as a teenager. Do you need any other proof of his sense of entrepreneurship and passion for beer? He soon discovered, however, that local brewers run into the same problems day after day. Which is why he decided to come up with a means of eliminating these problems. A few years later, he established BeerSelect.

Miel Bonduelle

Founder - Commercial Management | With family in Poperinge, the heartland of Belgian hops, Miel was obviously destined for a career in beer, becoming a beer sommelier. His mission: work hard every day to ensure that BeerSelect is a place where craft brewers feel at home

Kasper Peeters

Founder - Operational Management | There is no such thing as “good enough” for a beer lover like Kasper, who has a soft spot for regional beers. He is our operational manager, developing crystal-clear procedures for our brewery, ensuring that our brewing team can produce the most delicious brews.

Mathieu Deschuyter

General Management | Mathieu initially started out working as a consultant. He brings this experience to BeerSelect, helping us to become the preferred Belgian contract brewer..

Jasper Candaele

Quality Manager | With two Masters in biochemistry under his belt and many years of experience working in artisan breweries, Jasper transposes his scientific knowledge into technically perfect brews.

Amber Adriaensen

Brewery Manager | After her Master's degree, Amber also did a postgraduate in the 'Malting & Brewing Sciences'. With a lot of passion Amber strives for a quality that is undeniable.

Frido Brouwers

Exports | Frido uses his international experience to ensure that people around the world can sample our superb Belgian quality brews.d.

Bram Van Mullem

Brewmaster | Bram uses the experience he gained working in breweries and the stainless steel industry to tackle special challenges. Beer that is difficult to filter? He’s your man!


Leon Onderbeke

Commercial Internal Sales | As our internal inside sales department, Leon follows everything closely, in terms of invoicing and so much more.

Bert Van de Velde

Brewery Manager | As an industrial engineer in biotechnology and with a postgraduate degree in innovation under his belt, Bert is partly responsible for the quality of our beers.

Stijn Cnudde

Brewer | After his internship at BeerSelect, Stijn immediately knew that he was born for the world of brewing. You can taste his passion and knowledge in our brews!


Katia De Busschere

Office manager & HR | With years of experience, this enthusiastic person of Ghent provides a good internal structure. She also takes care of all HR practices within BeerSelect.

Kristof Van Aken

Technisch operator | Kristof is our jack-of-all trades. He knows all the ins and outs of machines, forklifts and conveyor belts..

John Dhaenens

Technical miracleworker | Got a question? John always has the answer! Using all this technical experience, John literally helped build BeerSelect from scratch, lending a hand with the contract brewery’s further operational development.

Lode Depoorter

Polyvalent employee | With his operational experience, Lode knows how to get things done.

Mickel Saelens

Forklift driver | Vroom vroom! As a forklift driver, Mickel brings life to the scene.

Lien Fasseur

Internal Operations Manager | Thanks to Lien, everything runs smoothly! With her excellent planning skills, she makes sure the beer gets to you at the perfect time.

Tom Elen

Bottling line | Bottles, kegs or cans, Tom fills them all! He helps to create an ambiance and pleasant atmosphere within the bottling team.


Alexander Dugardyn

Account Manager | Alexander enjoys helping customers with all their questions. Through his enthusiasm, Alexander brings life to the sales team!

Yuriy Kashevko

Bottling line | Yuriy can be found all over the brewery! With his many skills, he is the perfect multi-purpose person.


Pieter Van Daele

Account Manager | With his passion for beer, Pieter assists customers during their adventure at BeerSelect.


Wies Lips

Brewery Polyvalent | With effervescent energy and his indomitable curiosity, Wies is the perfect polyvalent brewer.


Nicolas Volders

Account Manager & Community Builder| Nicolas helps putting BeerSelect on the map by applying his marketing knowledge to everyday cases.

IMG_5884 (1)

Filip Eeckhout

Bottling line | Filip joins the team of the bottling line in rebuilding the machine to fill cans, bottles and kegs.


Emile Ghyselen

Brewery Polyvalent | With his young spirit and infectious enthusiasm, Emile also strengthens the brewing team as a polyvalent brewer!

IMG_6057 (1)

Ben De Vreese

Technical Service | Ben's technical knowledge keeps everything running smoothly.

IMG_5885 (1)

Yve Hofkens

Bottling line | With twinkle in his eyes and a hint of hops in the air, Yve creates magic in the bottling room.

IMG_6053 (1)

Simon Luca

Bottling line | With his quick hand and attention to detail, Simon makes sure every bottle finds its way to beer lovers!

IMG_5889 (1)

Wouter Vandaele

Brewer | He balances between hops and malt, helping to create new beers in our brewery.


Liese-lotte Billiet

Administrative jack-of-all-trades | With her sharp mind and administrative skills, Liese-lotte navigates our administrative jungle.

Peter Croonenberghs

Brewing engineer - Consultant | As a lecturer on the art of brewing with years of experience working in large breweries, Peter assists our team as a brewing consultant.

Johan Dedeyn

Brewing consultant | Johan has tons of brew-technical knowledge and several years of experience working as a technical manager for an international brewery. He works for BeerSelect as a brewing consultant

Marc Van Laethem

Account Manager | Marc focust zich op Private Label binnen BeerSelect.

Our history


BeerSelect established in 2016
Launch of BeerSelect at the annual trade show in Gent. We went to market as an online distributor for craft beer.


Meetings with hundreds of brewers
Thanks to our distribution network, we were introduced to brewers and beer companies, learning more about their needs in the process. Many of them often lacked a qualitative production partner who could guarantee the necessary capacity.


Largest brewery in Ghent
We are a centrally-located brewery, which prides itself on outstanding quality, brewing beers for local brewers and international beer companies.


Major expansion of the brewery and possibilities
Following our brewery’s tremendous success during the initial years after start-up, we decided to expand. Our aim is to give even more brewers the opportunity to take their beers to the next level.

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