The rise of non-alcoholic beer

At a time when health and wellness are receiving increasing attention, non-alcoholic beer has firmly taken its place in the beer industry. Once considered a passing trend, it has now become an essential element of our drinking culture. With growing awareness about alcohol’s impact on our health, ongoing technological innovations and changes in consumer behavior, in this blog you will discover the rise of alcohol-free beer and its shift from trend to norm.

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Why canned beer is becoming the new norm

Canned beer has made a huge change in both the world of breweries and among beer lovers. Previously associated with cheap, mass-produced beer, it is now considered a symbol of quality, innovation and, above all, convenience. Find out in this blog why canned beer has garnered such enormous popularity.

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How is beer brewed?

As an enthusiast, you probably know a little (or more!) about beer. But do you know how such a wonderful gem is created? There are different methods, and each combination or variation creates a unique beer. Below we briefly explain a few steps of the brewing process!

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