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Are you a commercial talent with a great passion for beer?

BeerSelect gives artisanal beer brewers a firm push in the right direction. In our group brewery in Ghent – the largest in the whole city – they can brew their beer in larger quantities, so that they can meet the increasing demand. This is necessary, because craft beer is extremely popular. The heart of Belgium’s unique beer culture beats harder than ever before.

BeerSelect’s brewery has only been open for two years, but has already produced more than 6 million bottles of beer. Together good for about 2,000,000 litres of the beverage of the gods!

To further grow into the most qualitative group brewery in the country, we are looking for an enthusiastic account manager. A strong networker who quickly builds new relationships with customers and distributors and strengthens the ties with loyal customers. An enterprising plant puller. But above all: a commercial natural talent with a great passion for beer.

Who are we looking for?

  • Our brewers are all completely crazy about beer. They should recognise a similar (beer) fool in you.
  • Brewers don’t stick to office hours, beer drinkers certainly don’t. So 9 to 5 is a concept that means very little to you. So 9 to 5 is a concept that means very little to you.
  • We love our customers, so we are looking for someone who really pampers them.
  • You are a social animal: making phone calls, sending emails, visiting clients or networking at events (when we are allowed out of our digs again) does not scare you, but attracts you.
  • You have structure and overview, which you need to coordinate our planning with that of our customers. In this way, you help ensure that the customer’s wishes are passed on seamlessly to production.
  • You are a good talker, but an even better listener. You understand the needs of our customers, and you have the strategic insight to translate those needs into solutions.
  • English should be no problem for you. Parlez-vous also excellent French? Even better. People all over the world like to drink beer, so any language is a plus!
  • We don’t expect you to know every brewery in the country or to score 10 out of 10 at a blindfolded beer tasting (9 out of 10 is enough ☺), but a deep interest in our beer culture and the beer world is of course a must.
  • You are friendly and jovial, but you stand your ground when negotiations have to take place.

We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • Of course, you can count on a competitive salary, adjusted to your knowledge and experience.
  • In addition, you get extensive fringe benefits just like at other companies (but where it is a lot less fun).
  • BeerSelect is a young company. That means no stifling rules and procedures, but plenty of freedom and autonomy to shape your own job. You get every opportunity to show creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • You can count on many opportunities to grow.
  • You will be part of a team of driven, passionate entrepreneurs with a clear and ambitious mission: to develop the most qualitative group brewery in the country, where the very best craft beer flows out of the kettle.
  • You can be the very first to taste new, unique beers*. Even before they conquer the world!

*After working hours, of course. Sorry. ☺

Are you the account manager we are looking for? Mail your application letter and your CV to Do not hesitate to ask for more information about BeerSelect or this vacancy.

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