Experience Belgian Microbreweries
Try our exclusive Tasting Boxes

Experience Belgian Microbreweries
Try our exclusive Tasting Boxes

A Sommelier Selection
We created a beerbox that's different.
Not an overpriced publicity stunt of a
massive brewery, but a collab of amazing
brews from the Kingdom of Belgium.

By storytelling we share our Belgian beer
culture. You'll learn about our beers and
breweries and how small they really are.

The luxury tasting glass, beerguide and
taste/foodpairing information provide a
full experience.
Our Solutions
We provide exclusive Belgian Beers
Our brewers have a limited brewing capacity. But we made sure you'd also have a chance of tasting one of their beers.
Guaranteed quality
The beers are rated by Belgian beer sommeliers. They care about the taste, experience and story.
We select the finest Brews
Selection of different beers from independent breweries.
Increased efficiency
Instead of talking to X different breweries, BeerSelect as a central partner saves you time and money.
Our Story
An entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for beer. These common grounds are the foundation of BeerSelect. What started as three 20 year olds, who wanted to increase the appreciation of Belgian Beer, grew to an international brand.

Born and raised in Belgium, Wout, Kasper and Miel noticed the difficulties of local and artisanal breweries. These people loved brewing and experimenting with beer, but were troubled by marketing and sales.

Even though their quality is far superior, they stood no chance against the big brands, who spend millions on advertising. This doens't feel right, does it? That's why we wanted to make our breweries stand out.
Wout Meuleman
Founder and CEO
When I was 15, I started brewing my own beer (I wasn't even allowed to drink!). Even at that age, I knew that micro breweries represented our Belgian Beer Culture.
Miel Bonduelle
Founder and Marketeer
As a beer passionate, I wanted to experience new Belgian beers, wherever I was. Unluckily Big Brands were all I could find. That's why I made it my mission to get our Real Belgian Craft out there.
Kasper Peeters
Founder and Sales Director
Our breweries just want to experiment with beer and create new recipes. Their focus isn't to grow their business substantially, they're in it for their passion.
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Phone: +32497663541
Address: Kortrijksesteenweg 1070, 9051 Ghent, Belgium
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