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At BeerSelect we specialise in contract brewing and bottling, using state-of-the-art brewing installations. Our brewing process engineers transpose your recipe into larger volumes and can also help you fine-tune your own, unique recipe. Thanks to our quality system and transparent service, you can rest assured that your beer is in good hands.
A professional,
Ghent-based brewery
State-of-the-art, double brewing system and automatic bottling line for bottles, cans and kegs.
From traditional beers to the most creative recipes: we brew them all, relying on our craftsmanship and skill. We are more than happy to share our expertise with you!
Constant quality
We rely on our in-house quality system and lab analyses to continuously improve your beer.

Production support for craft brewers

Many local craft beer breweries find it difficult to cope with demand. With our brewery, we rework their original recipes so they can be produced in larger volumes. Best of all, we guarantee the constant quality and taste of your beer. Because at BeerSelect, craft brewing and professionalism are inextricably linked.

BeerSelect as a quality label

Our team of brewmasters, brewing process engineers and biochemists has many years of experience combined, which is how they have become such a reference in the beer world. Gluten free, organic beer, fruit beer and beer that referents in the bottle: at BeerSelect quality is paramount.

Small brewers or beer companies often lack the time and resources to set up their own, large brewery. At BeerSelect we are happy to assist anyone who shares our passion for beer, as a production partner.

Sustainable brewing

Since the start-up of our brewery, we have been going full steam ahead for sustainability. We try to limit our use of plastic. In addition, thanks to the solar panels on the roof of our brewery, we work with green energy. Our goal is to always go for maximum water and heat recovery during brewing. Moreover, you can also have biological beer brewed at our brewery, because we have the necessary biological certification.

Press & Blog

The rise of non-alcoholic beer

At a time when health and wellness are receiving increasing attention, non-alcoholic beer has firmly taken its place in the beer industry. Once considered a passing trend, it has now become an essential element of our drinking culture. With growing awareness about alcohol’s impact on our health, ongoing technological innovations and changes in consumer behavior, in this blog you will discover the rise of alcohol-free beer and its shift from trend to norm.

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Why canned beer is becoming the new norm

Canned beer has made a huge change in both the world of breweries and among beer lovers. Previously associated with cheap, mass-produced beer, it is now considered a symbol of quality, innovation and, above all, convenience. Find out in this blog why canned beer has garnered such enormous popularity.

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