Our brewery

BeerSelect’s brewery has been specially designed to produce different types of craft beers. Thanks to our advanced brewing technology, we are able to focus on custom-made brews. Our brewmasters follow your unique recipe to a tee. We also help you to fine-tune your existing recipe or develop a new craft beer.

High-quality grist mill

The grist mill ensures that the selected malts are correctly and specifically ground.

Double, semi-automatic brewing system (20 and 40 hL)

4-vessel brewhouse


Mash tun
The ground malt or grist is dissolved in water and is automatically heated in accordance with the mash schedule.


Filtration vat
The liquid wort and the spent grain are separated using our perforated plate filter.


Boiler brew kettle
We boil the wort and add hops and spices. We heat the kettle with our steam generator.


Solid particles, such as the hops, the spices and protein are removed.

Plate chiller

Our plate chillers quickly cool the boiling wort before it ends up in the fermentor.

38 advanced fermentors

The temperature and pressure of our stainless steel cylindrical-conical fermentors is continually monitored. Cooling and heating is done through the double jacket.


We analyse the beer daily during this natural process for optimal results. After fermentation the beer is purged and lagered.


Lagering means bottom-fermenting the beer, with the yeast working at the bottom of the wort. We do this for approximately two weeks, at -1°C, to guarantee good lagering. The wort is purged several times during this process.

Dry hopping

We can dry-hop your beer, using a fermentor or hop gun. Over the years, our production team has developed great expertise.


Our brand new centrifuge removes dead yeast and residual particles after fermentation and dry-hopping. A choice can be made in the clarity of the beer.

Flash pasteurisation

If desired, your beer can be pasteurized before bottling. The beer is then heated for a short period of time. In this way we avoid any risk of contamination and can guarantee a very high quality.

Brand-new fully-automatic bottling line

Our bottling line can handle a wide range of very different recipients.

Almost all bottle types:

  • APO
  • Steinie
  • Longneck
  • Champenoise
  • And others

Almost all label shapes, with guaranteed washability:

  • Front
  • Rear
  • All-round
  • Own shape

Casks and kegs

We can fill barrels, casks and kegs. We do this under pressure/saturation to guarantee the best quality

  • Dolium® 20L S Slim Line
    (D x H = 243 x 572 mm)
  • Dolium® 30L S-Spear
    (DxH = 301 x 572 mm)
  • And others

Warm room

Our BeerSelect team determines how much sugar and yeast we must add to beers that are refermented in the bottle. That is how we monitor the CO2 or carbonation of your beer.

Lab analyses

We have also partnered with Ghent University, for regular quality controls and lab tests, on top of our own in-house measurements and analyses. We rely on our in-house quality system for organoleptic testing, or the assessment of the flavour, odour, appearance and mouthfeel of your beer. Your beer will only get a green light once the entire quality team has given its seal of approval.

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