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Brewing and bottling service

Brewing and bottling service

We specialise in brewing and bottling services for third parties - and that includes you! - using our brand-new brewing installations in Ghent.

Bottles, kegs and cans

Bottles, kegs and cans

Our GEA-Vippoll filling line is equipped to fill both bottles and cans with a capacity of 12000 bottles per hour.

Packaging and excise duties

Packaging and excise duties

Our team assists you every step of the way, so you can confidently launch your own beer to market.

Experienced brewing team

Experienced brewing team

We owe our reputation for superb quality to the combination of raw materials, recipes and our experienced team.

Lab analyses

Lab analyses

Organoleptic, microbiological and physicochemical analyses.

Organic certification - Gluten free - Sour ales

Organic certification - Gluten free - Sour ales

We brew a wide range of beer styles, in addition to ciders, non-alcoholic beer and hard seltzers.

Your professional contract brewery, with all the equipment you need to brew a craft beer.

Are you considering brewing your own beer? Do you already have a beer company or a craft brewery and are you looking for ways to expand your brewing capacity?

Then you’ve come to the right place. At BeerSelect, we brew your beer in our brand-new installations in Ghent. Our experienced brewmasters will gladly help you refine your existing recipe or develop a new craft beer.

Are you, your business or your association looking to launch your own beer? Are you passionate about beer and have you been fine-tuning your recipe or beer brand for some time already? Do you want to brew larger volumes of your beer? At BeerSelect, we specialise in contract brewing.

“Small brewers or beer companies often lack the time and resources to set up their own, large brewery. Which is why brewing your own beer in a contract brewery is such a great solution. Not sure where to start? Or how much you’d like to brew? Get in touch with us. We are happy to help.”

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Integrity and transparency

Thanks to our two brewhouses, we can also brew small volumes of your specialty beer. We guarantee that your beer is always brewed to your own recipe. We have also partnered with Ghent University, for regular quality controls and lab tests. Brewers are always welcome to drop in and sample the goods, take a tour or just say hello!


Contract brewing means you, the buyer, provide a recipe to a contract brewer, the supplier. The contract brewer takes care of brewing and packaging, meaning you don’t have to buy expensive equipment.
This depends on the beer style and the brewing method used. We agree on a delivery date together. Generally speaking, the entire process takes approximately six weeks from start to end because beer is an artisan natural product.
No! You don’t have to supply any ingredients. Our BeerSelect team guarantees fresh ingredients of the highest quality. These are included in the total brewing price. Tell our beer experts if you have your own special ingredients or your beer recipe requires an unusual adjunct or hops.
We can brew almost any beer style. There are a few wild yeasts that we don’t use in our brewery, however. Do you have special needs or wishes? Our beer consultants are at your service during the intake.
The taste of a beer depends on a number of variables. Our brand-new installations and tried and tested brewing methods contribute to the constant quality and taste of your beer. We discuss your recipe with our experienced brewmasters, ensuring the best application in our installations.
Are you interested in brewing your own beer? We fully understand and share your enthusiasm! Which is why we are happy to give you a tour of our brewery. We also give production and commercial advice.

Brewing your own beer is an exciting adventure! You supply the recipe and our team of experts brews the beer for you. Because we pride ourselves on our transparency, you will be able to witness the brewing process on the day itself, if you want. We also give you the opportunity to sample your beer during lagering or before collection.

Satisfied customers

About BeerSelect

At BeerSelect, we offer support to impassioned brewers, assisting them by brewing their creative and unique craft beers. We brew beer to order, following your recipe to a tee. Our contribution to the innovation of Belgium’s world-famous beer culture!
We are the ideal partner for home brewers who are just starting out, as well as craft brewers and beer companies.

During an intake, we give local brewers general production and commercial advice.

Have your own beer brewed

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